10 unicorn accessories you can buy on Amazon

Unicorns are all the rage right now, and you can find them just about anywhere. So I wanted to take the time and share some of my favorite unicorn  accessories with you. I spent a long time searching Amazon and I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 10 items, so I decided to narrow the category and only do accessories. These lists wont include toys, clothing or gag gifts, just accessories.

#10. Unicorn SockseafsedThese cute socks come in 8 different color/patterns. You can buy one pair for $4.09, or you can get seven pairs for $15.99.

#9. Unicorn Keychain Plushnnkj

This adorable little guy is soft and cuddly, just what every set of keys needs. You can get him for $9.95

#8. Unicorn Retractable ID Badge Reelbiuni.jpg

For those of you how have name tags this is perfect. I know when I worked at the hospital I would have loved to have this little guy. It is selling for $9.99

#7. Unicorn  Scarf 2017-02-14-12-44

This Lina & Lily Unicorn scarf is super cute. It comes in four colors, gray, navy blue, dark red and mint green. My personal favorite is gray. It retails for $15.99

#6. Glitter Unicorn Pursergdrhtfh

Who doesnt want a glitter metallic crossbody unicorn purse? This one is definitely a little funny but still adorable. You can pick it up for $29.99

#5. Unicorn phone case2017-02-14-12-43

This phone case lets everyone know how awesome you really are. Pick it up for 6.99

#4. Unicorn Snapback Cap2017-02-14 12.42.jpg

This hat comes in five different colors, Ash, Black, Pink, Red and Royal blue and sells for $6.11.

#3. Kate Spade Balloon Unicorn Necklacerhdrg 

This one is a bit pricey, at $78.00, But it is a statement piece!

#2. Hot Chocolate Designs Unicorn Mary Jane’s inib

I absolutely love these shoes and cant wait to get a pair. All of Hot Chocolate designs shoes are amazing and fun, but these are unicorntastic! Get yours for $69.99

#1. Alex & Ani Unicorn Bangle Braceletdgdhdfh

This is my Hands down favorite! It comes in gold and silver and features an adorable unicorn. Everyone love’s Alex & Ani bangles, this will be the perfect addition to you collection.

What are your favorite unicorn accessories, comment down below and let me know.


Crafty Christmas 2016

This post is a little late, but better late than never! For this last Christmas I really wanted to make it more about making memories then just buying stuff. First off yes we did bu our kids gift too, actually I think they got way to many but that’s another story. I started planning who all I wanted to make something for in August. I decided I would crochet something for each one of my kids and something for my mother, I did not make anything for my husband because there is not a lot of options for men and crochet items. I had a modest plan that should not have taken very long at all, well if you know me I always end up doing too much and this year was no different.So here is everything I ended up making. ( not in order )

First I will start with my mother’s gift. I wanted to make her a nice blanket, I should mention I have never made a full size baby blanket only baby blankets. I decided on a granny square blanket. I don’t have any links to this one because is just went on YouTube and found a flower granny square I liked then I just made up the pattern for the squares. I made 100 squares, 20 of the terracotta color, 40 of the peach color and 40 of the tan. full-size-blanket-moms-christmas-present-2016

I started with the peach color and connected four squares together. Then I connected the tan squares around the peach squares, then came the terracotta squares, then tan again and then I finished with peach. It turned out beautiful and she loved it. I did not finish this blanket until a few days before Christmas, I kept putting off making the squares, but I got it done just in time.

For my oldest son I knew just what to make him, he loves Pokemon so I started looking for pokemon amigurumi patterns. I got lucky and found free patterns on tumbler from a lady that goes by 53Stitches, she has lots of free patterns. I chose to do the three original starters, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. I did Charmander first and he was super easy, Bulbasaur and Squirtle were a little harder only because of their shells, but still very easy. Her patterns are easy to follow and has lots of pictures to help.bruces-christmas-2016

For the eyes I bought some safety eyes off of etsy. They are 6mm black safety eyes, I paid 2.99 plus i think 3 for shipping. Then I just went to Wal-Mart and bought lots of felt squares for their bellies and other features. I finished these by the end of October. He loved them and keeps asking me to make other Pokemon.

At the beginning of December I also decided to make the kids each a small felt plushies to got in their stockings, as if it didn’t have enough to do. So for my oldest son I went back to pinterest to find a free pattern. I settled on this supper cute Snorlax  bruces-christmas-2016-felt-snorlax

He was easy to make. I picked Snorlax because he is my favorite Pokemon, a giant cat who just eats and sleeps! Oh i should mention I hand sewed all of the felt plushies, I could have used my sewing machine but I wanted to do it by hand. He loved him and shows him to all his friends.

For my daughter I knew just what to make her. Every sence she was a baby she has loved baby dolls and ever though she is seven she still does. So again I started with pinterest and quickly for just what I wanted. starlets-christmas-2016

I bought this pattern for $6.58 from CAROceated. As you can see I modified the pattern. The biggest change is i added hair all over her head instead of just around the edges and i didn’t  make the hat. Standing up she is about 18inchs tall. The pattern was easy to read a follow, I will be buying more of her patterns. My daughter loved her, she keeps her on her bed  so she can sleep with it every night.starlets-christmas-2016-felt-cheshire-cat

For her felt plushie I wanted to make her a Cheshire cat, we both love Alice in Wonderland. I could not find any patterns for Cheshire cat, I found one you could buy but I wanted make one. Lucky for me my husband is a very talented artist so he drew me a pattern. It turned out great and she loved it.

My little guy was easy, he loves Mickey Mouse. So I found a pattern on etsy for a steamboat Willie Mickey, this pattern is no longer available so I can’t link it, but it’s probably a good thing because it was not a good pattern, it was missing steps and you would really need to know what you’re doing to make it work. With that being said, He didn’t turn out perfect but I think he looks good. jaces-christmas-2016

I did not make him with the hat because I liked him just as a black and white Mickey Mouse. My son loved him so much!jaces-christmas-2016-plushie

And I had to make him a Felt Mickey, I found the pattern on a site called The better real life. I would recommend making your pattern a little wider, my Mickey is a little skinny, but he worked and the little guy was happy.

Three weeks before Christmas I got the great ideal to make us each crochet christmas stockings. So back to pinterest, and I found this pattern on Ravelry free Cross stitch stockingschristmas-stockings-2016

I changed them because I didn’t want the cross stitch part. I know I wanted stripes. I made everyone’s with their favorite colors. From left to right, M husband’s is black and gray, he loves simple dark colors, mine is next and I love so many colors I had to go with rainbow, My oldest is next and he loves green, my daughter loves pinks and purples, and our little guy loves all thins blue. I made one a day, and it wore me out, my fingers were sore, but I love how they turned out.

The week of Christmas we found out some very good friends of ours were going to come visit us the day after Christmas. They have three kids the same as us (boy, girl,boy) They are even the same ages as our kids, so its great cause they all have someone to play with. I talked with my kids and they loved the ideal of making something for their friends. We decided on felt plushies. My oldest made his friend a Pokemon called a ditto.felt-ditto

I drew the pattern and put the eyes on, he cut it out and hand sewed it all b his self. I Had to help him with the mouth.

My daughter wanted to make her friends something cute. So I came up with this. A felt ice cream. felt-ice-cream

I drew the pattern and I had to do all the embroidery work but she sewed it together.

And for the little guy he wanted to make his friend a monster. felt-monster-2016

I did all the sewing but i let him pick all the colors.

When our friends came, they loved the gifts the kids made. I think this will be a new tradition, making gifts for our friends.

So that’s the everything I made for Christmas 2016. It was a lot of work and it took longer then I thought, but it was totally worth it! I will continue with the tradition of making my kids gifts. I was overjoyed when I saw how happy my kids were when they opened their homemade gift. Do you make home-made gifts for your family and friends? If so share some of you ideals!