10 unicorn accessories you can buy on Amazon

Unicorns are all the rage right now, and you can find them just about anywhere. So I wanted to take the time and share some of my favorite unicorn  accessories with you. I spent a long time searching Amazon and I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 10 items, so I decided to narrow the category and only do accessories. These lists wont include toys, clothing or gag gifts, just accessories.

#10. Unicorn SockseafsedThese cute socks come in 8 different color/patterns. You can buy one pair for $4.09, or you can get seven pairs for $15.99.

#9. Unicorn Keychain Plushnnkj

This adorable little guy is soft and cuddly, just what every set of keys needs. You can get him for $9.95

#8. Unicorn Retractable ID Badge Reelbiuni.jpg

For those of you how have name tags this is perfect. I know when I worked at the hospital I would have loved to have this little guy. It is selling for $9.99

#7. Unicorn  Scarf 2017-02-14-12-44

This Lina & Lily Unicorn scarf is super cute. It comes in four colors, gray, navy blue, dark red and mint green. My personal favorite is gray. It retails for $15.99

#6. Glitter Unicorn Pursergdrhtfh

Who doesnt want a glitter metallic crossbody unicorn purse? This one is definitely a little funny but still adorable. You can pick it up for $29.99

#5. Unicorn phone case2017-02-14-12-43

This phone case lets everyone know how awesome you really are. Pick it up for 6.99

#4. Unicorn Snapback Cap2017-02-14 12.42.jpg

This hat comes in five different colors, Ash, Black, Pink, Red and Royal blue and sells for $6.11.

#3. Kate Spade Balloon Unicorn Necklacerhdrg 

This one is a bit pricey, at $78.00, But it is a statement piece!

#2. Hot Chocolate Designs Unicorn Mary Jane’s inib

I absolutely love these shoes and cant wait to get a pair. All of Hot Chocolate designs shoes are amazing and fun, but these are unicorntastic! Get yours for $69.99

#1. Alex & Ani Unicorn Bangle Braceletdgdhdfh

This is my Hands down favorite! It comes in gold and silver and features an adorable unicorn. Everyone love’s Alex & Ani bangles, this will be the perfect addition to you collection.

What are your favorite unicorn accessories, comment down below and let me know.